What is Interpretive Touch Massage?

Nusta’s Alternative to Deep Tissue Massage.

Developed By Nusta Spa owner and master massage therapist, Brad Drummer, Interpretive Touch(TM) is a revolutionary approach to deep tissue massage that uses pulsating pressure and wave induction strokes to  penetrate muscles and soft tissue.  The result is a sense of weightlessness within the body, which promotes relaxation while still receiving the benefits of deep tissue work. Unlike traditional “sports” massage, IT therapists are able to manipulate the body without the pain or bruising of traditional techniques.

“I developed the IT massage after years of feedback from clients who complained that they felt they had to choose between a soothing massage to relax and a deep tissue massage for muscle tension relief,” said Drummer. “With the IT technique, clients can have the best of both worlds.”

Many traditional deep tissue massages rely on hard, targeted pressure to reach deep layers of muscle, which triggers the body’s reflex to resist force, tightening the muscles even more. Instead, IT uses long, slow, flowing strokes to lengthen and release the muscles and soft tissue, which promotes increased blood flow. After a full-body IT massage treatment, clients report feeling a profound sense of calm rather than a “good hurt” which is typical with traditional deep tissue treatments.

Offered at Nusta Spa, Washington DC’s top rated day spa, Interpretive Touch is a restorative, deeply therapeutic massage heralded as “…the future of quality therapy…” by the founder of The Aspen Back Institute, Dr. Clint Phillips.

To make an appointment with Brad or another IT provider, please book online or call the Spa Desk at 202.530.5700.

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