Phoenix Rising

It’s around 3am on March 17 and we are abruptly awakened by the shrill of the phone ringing. Our natural reaction is…something’s happened to someone in our family. Brad answers the call and I hear the dispatcher say ‘there’s smoke coming out of the spa and the fire department are already on location. I think you’d better come down. The spa is on fire!’

Now Brad and I are the new owners of Nusta Spa and having a fire in our 3rd month of ownership was not in the business plan. But, what do you do when faced with a trial/disruption/devastation like this? You find the positive. You pick up the pieces and move forward. I can tell you this, Nusta Spa would not continue to thrive without the exceptional leadership of Brad Drummer. Yes, he’s my husband (so maybe I’m a little biased), but I have not met anyone who is able to continually find good in every situation like Brad does.

What are the lessons to be learned in all of this, and the positives to be found? We have been forced to take a hard look at our inventory that was lost and needs to be replaced. Is there any product that should NOT be replaced because there is a better option out there? We have to rebuild, repaint, and replace furnishings. Can we rebuild in a better way? We need to pull together as a team to make it a world class setting and experience for our guests once more. Doing so will enhance our teamwork abilities and understanding of each other’s’ strengths and weaknesses. How can we apply this to providing a visit for our clients even more enjoyable and healing than before?

“When you face difficult times, know that challenges are not sent to destroy you. They’re sent to promote, increase and strengthen you.”
Repairs and construction continue, but we are back to business and are ready to serve our incredible clients in providing the best spa experience in DC. You may see a few things in your visit that indicate we are still rebuilding – such as the eco-friendly disposable cups made from recycled materials, and the environmentally conscious cutlery made from left over sugar cane pulp instead of trees that we are using until our kitchen is repaired. Or the temporary unavailability of our two person infrared sauna because it is full of linen until we get our laundry area back. But we hope that these small reminders of the fire bring you comfort in knowing that in our rebuilding, we care about the health of the employees, guests, AND the earth.

Nine hours after rushing out to deal with the fire, Brad, who coaches little league basketball, appeared at court side just as the game was to begin. I stopped him before he ran out on the court. “You need to go to the bathroom first,” I told him. “Your face is covered in soot.”

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