Reduce Stress Symptoms with Acupuncture and Massage

My first day at Nusta: “This is not a drill!”

Stress is a part of life. It is a necessary motivator that can save your life in certain situations, but being in a constant state of high level stress can be detrimental to your health.

When you feel like your safety is threatened, your sympathetic nervous system kicks in to activate your fight-or-flight reactions. Your pupils dilate, your heartbeat accelerates and directs blood flow towards your muscles and away from your internal organs, peristalsis of your digestive system stops, your kidneys pump adrenaline into your blood stream…. all in preparation to defend yourself.

While these effects are helpful to divert your body’s attention from its usual activities of resting and digesting in times of need, you can see how being stuck in a sympathetic nervous system mode would have a negative effect on the healthy functioning of the body over time.

Evolutionarily speaking, lets say you are being chased by a saber-toothed tiger… or a bit closer to home, say the fire alarm starts blaring telling you to evacuate the building immediately (which happened this Monday; everything turned out fine, there was just a Freon leak on one of the higher floors from the AC). It is normal and healthy to get “stressed” at times like these, but once crisis is averted, it is also normal to return to homeostasis.

Sometimes, due to constant low grade stressors bombarding us, our body can have a hard time switching back from the sympathetic high stress mode to the parasympathetic rest and digest state. This can result in a constant sense of unease in your body and mind, difficulty relaxing, and trouble sleeping. These effects, in turn, lead to fatigue, exhaustion, brain fog, and difficulty concentrating. Depending on your constitutional susceptibility, stress can also effect your digestive system, your hormonal balance, and your immune system….

This is where we can help you here at Nusta. Receiving regular massages and acupuncture treatments can train your nervous system to be able to regain equilibrium with greater ease, as well as help you handle the negative effects of stress that present in your body and mind.

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Marianna Csaszar