Synergy Treatments

Synergy Treatments

(Facial or Massage)

Synergy means to combine two elements to achieve a greater result than either of the elements could have attained alone.  Nusta Spa is thrilled to announce the creation of a service that begins with an acupuncturist gently addressing the client’s goals and needs, after which an esthetician or massage therapist will enter the room to continue the healing journey with a facial or massage that will build upon, enhance, and multiply the therapeutic experience that the acupuncture session began.

Here at Nusta, we are continually trying to expand the borders of wellness care and help lead the way to a better future in health for the planet and its inhabitants.  

Synergy Facial Treatment (90min) – $205


Synergy Massage Treatment (90min) – $200



Have an FSA or HSA account that covers acupuncture and other wellness treatments? Ask us about providing a detailed receipt.

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